"Helping young immigrants achieve their True Potential through affordable, quality education"
2019 True Potenial Scholar Of The Year

Erick Landa

True Potential Scholar 2019

Culinary Arts and Management

Metropolitan Community College (MCC)

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Who can apply for the True Potential Scholarship?

- Immigrants residing in Nebraska and Iowa

- Wishing to attend a Community College in Nebraska or Iowa. 

The True Potential Scholarship is aimed to help students who want to:

- work towards a 4 year degree by completing a transfer program at a community college and then going to a university. 

- work towards obtaining a technical degree from a Community College.

- learn a second language or enroll in any class at a Community College that would help them reach their True Potential

You can be a recent high school graduate or an older student going back to school. All you need to apply for this scholarship is to have DACA documents and to attend a Community College. Apply now, and get on your way to achieve your True Potential!


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